Mostly nuts are a great source of fat, fiber, and protein. The greater part of the fat in nuts is monounsaturated fats. Further, nuts provide us Omega-6 and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats.

Nuts also contain many nutrients and minerals like, magnesium and Vitamin-E. According to many studies, eating nuts is a healthy routine and provides many health benefits.

Nutritionists also proved that people who eat nuts live longer than the people who don’t eat nuts. It might be because of nuts capacity to prevent sicknesses.

Nuts are good to decrease hazards for metabolic disorders like hypertension and cholesterol. By eating nuts you can also decrease the danger of various illnesses. Nuts are good to enhance glucose levels and lower the chances of cancer growth.

Nuts are excellent choice as a snacks. They contain a wide variety of essential supplements. Eating raw nuts is a healthy routine because there are no processed ingredients. Many processed nut items like nutty spread contain high measures of salt and added sugar. So, it’s best to buy and eat raw nuts.

Cashew Nut Benefits for Men Health

Cashew nuts are a good snack. They are also used to make different baking products. Here I am going to discuss the benefits of cashew nuts for men’s health.

Cashew nut is a seed. These organic seeds are famous and delicious. Cashew nuts have a sweet flavor, that can’t be compared to other nuts. They contain many minerals and nutrients.

You have heard that cashew nuts can increase your weight. Indeed, any nuts possibly can if you eat them in excessive amounts.

Better family life and marriages are dependent on men’s health. A couple’s life can turn out to end, if a spouse can’t fulfill the desires of her partner in bed.

Cashew nuts are incredible for enhancing men’s power control in bed. Try it out, and you’ll see the difference. Cashew nuts contain amino acid arginine.

It is useful because it enhances nitric oxide levels. The enhanced nitric oxide levels increase your performance in bed. There are some medical advantages of cashew nuts for men.

1. Cashew Nuts to Enhance Male Fertility

Cashew nuts contain many nutrients and minerals. Some of them impact male fertility, zinc is one of them. The amount of zinc in your body decreases, if you don’t get the zinc from food sources.

If you are willing to please your better half in bed, you need to enhance the zinc intake. The zinc found in cashews is good to increase your fertility. Good fertility means you can make your partner pregnant.

2. Cashew Nuts for Better Erections

Having great sex with your partner is a dream, if you are facing erectile dysfunction. Further, erectile dysfunction causes many relation breakups.

Eating nuts are useful for men. Nuts are rich in nutrients and improve sexual health by increasing erections. Nitric oxide in cashews is good to increase erections.

Further, amino arginine found in cashew nuts is also good for sexual health. According to studies, arginine enrich foods helps to improve sexual health.

3. Cashew Nuts for Brain Functionality

The human brain needs unsaturated fats to work better. You can eat cashews daily in small servings to improve your mental health.

Healthy minds need unsaturated fat, zinc, copper, and iron to work properly. Cashew nuts can be your answer for healthy fat and minerals.

4. Cashew Nuts for Weight Loss

Cashew nuts are helpful if you want to be fit and healthy. These nuts are great source of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for regulating the metabolism. Regulated metabolism further helps to lose weight.

Protein content of cashew nuts are a key to lose weight. You need to add cashews in your diet, and stick on your physical activity to lose weight.

5. Cashew Nuts enhance Blood Cells

The human body needs to create platelets to remain healthy. Eat few cashew nuts to feed your blood an extra dose of iron. Iron helps to increase the platelet count.

6. Cashew Nuts improve Visual Perception

Human eyes need nutrients to work properly. Eat cashew nuts to enhance the intake of minerals and nutrients that can secure your eye’s health.

Cashew nuts contain anti-cancer agents that are awesome for better vision.

7. Cashew Nuts protect Hair Color

Copper is a mineral that protects and maintains the color of your hair. If you add copper enrich cashews in your eating routine, you can get beautiful hair.

8. Cashew Nuts for Solid Muscles

Many men invest much energy in gym and workout. The heavenly cashew nuts are a good for bones and muscles.

These nuts are packed with magnesium, nutrients, calcium, and different components. Cashew intake is good to enhance muscles, blood cells, nerves, and whole body.

9. Cashew Nuts Improve Nerves System

Magnesium is essential for bones’ surface. It provides a shield to calcium from entering the nerve cells. The high measure of magnesium can lead calcium to enter the veins. It prevents hypertension, headache, migraine, and others.

10. Cashew Nuts Improve Stomach System

Nuts are extremely beneficial for stomach health. The regular use of cashews can improve your gut health. Male body needs fats and fiber.

Humans can’t produce fiber, you need to get it from food. By eating nuts, you can get some important acids like oleic and palmitic. Further, the fiber content of nuts is incredible for your stomach health.

11. Cashew Nuts Prevent Cancer

Human body experiences the ill effects of unstable molecules. The ideal approach to fight with them is to supply body with nutrients and anti-cancer agents. The selenium and anti-cancer agents in cashews provide a shield to human body.

12. Cashew Nuts for Liver Function

Liver is another important organ of body. We as a human should take care of our bodies. By eating cashews you are dosing beneficial nutrients to your liver.

13. Cashew Nuts for Gallstones

The healthy nutrients of cashews are good to prevent gallstones. Daily cashew nuts intake can lessen the danger of gallstone creation up to 25%.

14. Cashew Nuts source of Nutrients

Cashew nuts are wealthy in nutrients. Riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin, and others are good for your health. These nutrients work as a shield for blood cells. Further, these are good to improve iron deficiency and pellagra.

15. Cashew Nuts for Gums & Teeth Health

As discredited before, magnesium in cashew nut is useful for bones. It also helps to improve teeth and gum health. By eating cashew you can get strong and healthy teeth & gums.

How nutritious are cashew nuts?

If you eat one ounce of raw cashews (28.35g), you can get these nutrients;











Total Fat


















Vitamin C and B


The fats in the above chart are healthy fat, and you don’t need to worry. You can eat cashews regularly or occasionally. They provide calories and considered a perfect snack.

Are cashew nuts superior to other nuts?

Cashew nuts are much healthy as compared to other nuts. They contain high fat, vitamin-E, minerals like magnesium and zinc. While high in fat means healthy unsaturated fats.

Cashew nuts contain unsaturated fat around 17% higher than other nuts. Almonds and walnuts contain 6% or 7% unsaturated fat.

If you have an option to pick between fast food and unsalted cashews, you must go for the nuts without any reason.

The salted and roasted cashews aren’t as good as raw cashews. But the roasted and salted ones are crunchier.

There are some common myths and questions about cashew nuts benefits for men. I hope you can understand after reading these lines.

How cashew nuts increase sperm count and motility?

According to studies, an eating routine of cashew nuts could enhance the quality, amount, and motility of sperm. Eating routine of 60g cashew nuts daily is beneficial for your sperm health. According to this study, an increment of 20% in sperm count is visible. The increased values of sperm count are also beneficial for fertility.

Are cashew nuts good to prevent prostate cancer?

The prostate is a walnut-sized organ that is responsible to produce sperm fluid. It’s situated underneath the urinary bladder and on the upper part of rectum. The prostate produces a liquid that supports and secures sperm cells in the semen.

Shockingly many men don’t encounter any symptoms of prostate cancer. Those who are facing the issue found common urinary issues like blood in the pee and semen. Further, they feel pain in hips, pelvis spine, upper legs, and uneasiness while discharge.

Men who eat cashew nuts are 34% less prone to get prostate cancer. It is difficult to diagnose, so, it is best practice to take preventive measures. Health experts always describe the importance of healthy ways to decrease the chances of cancer. Cashew nuts are commonly used to lower the chances of prostate cancer. There are also some other nuts, which are helpful to slow the prostate cancer growth are;

  • Almonds
  • Macadamias
  • Brazil nuts
  • Walnuts

Are cashew nuts safe to eat?

Cashew nuts are safe to eat, but in some cases these problems are common;

1) Cashews are wealthy in oxalate salts, which can mess with the calcium caught up in the body. The overabundance of calcium left unabsorbed can prompt the development of kidney stones.

2) A vast majority in general affected by nut sensitivities. These sensitivities can be serious to normal. One kind of hypersensitivity that can be caused by consuming nuts is dermatitis. Dermatitis prompts rashes and irritation on the skin. You may face these issues by touching and consuming cashews.

3) A sensitivity to cashews can prompt gastrointestinal uneasiness. It is a sickness that can cause a dry cough, vomiting, cramps, loose bowels, and pain. 4) Trouble breathing is another issue if you have severe nut allergies.  In some people, a common allergy by cashews is known as Anaphylaxis. It is a quick response that can assume control over the entire body if not attended. Further, it can block breathing, swelling on tongue/throat. It is a condition that requires immediate medical attention. But this problem normally occurs by touching unshelled and unprocessed cashews.