Cashew nuts provide many health benefits. These nuts contain many dietary minerals and nutrients. If you increase the prescribed dose you are at risk of some problems like you can gain weight. Cashews are high caloric nuts.

You need to use them in moderate quantity especially when you are pregnant. Pregnant ladies can face many health issues if they eat too many cashew nuts. These problems can be related to kidney and bladder. Cashews contain oxalates that can mix with body liquids and activates pregnancy intricacies.

You don’t need to worry if you are taking in moderate quantities.

What precautions to be taken while eating cashew nuts?

You must need to take these precautions if you are pregnant and eating cashews.

  1. Consult with your doctor before adding cashews in your regular diet during pregnancy.
  2. If your doctor permitted you always use plain cashews. Salted or masala cashew nuts contain high amounts of sodium. High sodium intake is not suitable for pregnant ladies.
  3. If you have nut allergies you need to stay away from cashews. If you don’t know about your allergic history keep an eye on any reaction. These reactions include indigestion, skin inflammation, skin rash, coughing, and sneezing. If you get any imminently stop eating cashews and consult with your doctor.
  4. Eat organic cashews during pregnancy. Organic cashew nuts taste better and without additives.
  5. Never cross the suggested limit of cashew nuts, which is 1 ounce. If you consume more than that during pregnancy per day can cause uneasiness.

What are the expected problems you can face during pregnancy by eating cashews?

There are some problems that you can face by eating an excessive amount of cashews during pregnancy.

Excess Weight Gain

Cashew nuts contain high sugars and fats. These both trigger excess weight gain during pregnancy. Excess weight during pregnancy is not safe for your health and your child. You need to control your weight to lessen the chances of any danger.


Cashew nuts contain little sums of urushiol. Urushiol is a sleek natural compound that can create rashes and tingles on skin. Always buy from a reputable seller and the best choice to buy is a pack of organic cashews.

Gallstone & Kidney stone

Cashew nuts contain oxalates in a high amount. High oxalates after mixing in body liquids cause gallbladder and kidney stone problems. You need to limit your intake during pregnancy to avoid these problems.

Cardiovascular Issues

Cashews contain some measure of saturated fats. Too many cashews can increase cholesterol levels. Increased cholesterol levels are a major factor in cardiovascular issues. You need to maintain your cholesterol levels for you and your child’s safety.

Increase Blood Pressure

Eating salted cashews can increase your sodium intake. High sodium intake is not healthy for your blood pressure. High blood pressure puts pressure on veins, heart, and kidneys. If your blood pressure is already high during pregnancy avoid eating cashews.

Cashew Nuts during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

Cashew nuts are safe to eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding in moderate quantities. If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mom never use cashews more than 1 ounce in a day.

Cashew Nut Allergies

Cashew nuts may cause allergies in people who are allergic to hazelnut, Brazil nut, pistachio, almond, or gelatin. If you are allergic to these nuts consult with your doctor before eating cashews.

Cashew Nuts & Diabetes

According to studies, too many cashews can increase blood glucose levels. If you are diabetic and eating cashews, make sure to screen you glucose levels. If found any increment stop eating cashews and consult with your doctor.

Medical Procedure

As you know cashews influence glucose levels, quit eating cashews before going any medical procedures. There are chances that it may create some problems to control blood glucose after or before any medical procedure.

Sodium and Pregnancy – What amount of sodium is present in cashew nuts?

There are just 12 mg of sodium in 100 g of unsalted cashew nuts. On the other hand salted cashew nuts contains 683 mg of sodium in 100 g. This abnormal value of sodium is extremely dangerous to our health. It might increase blood pressure and create cardiovascular issues.

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), healthy people need to get 2300 mg of sodium daily. These values are lower for people with coronary illness as they not to get more than 1500 mg of sodium.

If you are pregnant you need to take care of your sodium intakes. As I said high sodium intake can increase blood pressure and creates coronary issues. Both are not good for you and your baby. An ideal approach to lower sodium intake is avoid salted cashews and eat organic cashews. Cardiovascular patients and hypertension sufferers must counsel with doctor before eating cashews.

Are raw cashew nuts safe to use during pregnancy?

Raw or un-shelled cashews are not good to eat for anybody. It is suggested to keep a strategic distance from raw cashew nuts. Always buy unsalted and roasted cashews from a reputed store and brand. Raw cashew nuts contain toxin ivy and sumac oils in their shell.

Cashew nut shells could cause an unpleasant and itching response on skin if touched. Cashew nuts that are commercially prepared are good to eat. They are un-shelled and roasted at extreme temperature to expel all toxins.

Are cashew nuts provide protein to pregnant ladies?

Eating cashew nuts provide many health benefits. Cashews contain many nutrients and minerals. Cashew nuts contain enough amount of protein, but they are not a complete food that means we can’t only live on cashews. Our body needs other vital supplements which we get from other food like grains, vegetables, fruits and others.

It is a good idea to add prescribed value of cashew nuts in your daily plan. According to nutritionists, to keep the high level of protein intakes like fish, tofu, beans and nuts to 5.5 ounces daily.

Are magnesium in cashew nuts helpful for pregnant ladies?

Cashew nuts are a natural source of magnesium. 1-ounce cashews contain 82.5 mg of magnesium. Magnesium is helpful to maintain body temperature, keeps teeth and bones solid, and detoxifies body.

It is also helpful for bloodstream and calcium channel blockers. Magnesium is a part of medicines like medicines of thyroid, diabetes, and diuretics.

When you are pregnant you need to take many medicines. If you are taking any medications which contain magnesium then consult with your doctor before eating cashews.

Can cashew nuts trigger hypertension in pregnant ladies?

Yes! eating too many salted cashew nuts might build hypertension. You may also face some other health issues because of an abnormal amount of sodium. On the other hand,  unsalted roasted cashew nuts contain low sodium and safe to use. Hypertension in pregnant ladies create many complications. You as a pregnant mom needs to relax for you and your baby’s health. Eating too many cashew nuts cause migraines and headaches due to the amino acids. Cashews contain phenylethylamine and tyramine which trigger headaches. If you are allergic to nuts cashews are not for you.