While cashews are stuffed with dietary advantages; you could encounter symptoms of expending cashews in case that the amount surpasses the suggested dimensions. You could put on abundance weight in case that you expend cashews in overabundance as the calorie substance in cashews is high. Pregnant ladies can likewise confront kidney and annoy bladder issues in case utilization surpasses ordinary dimensions. This is because cashews comprise oxalates that can get moved in your body liquids and activates pregnancy intricacies.

Precautions to Be Taken Whereas Eating Cashew Nuts

Always check with your doctor in case that it is okay to include cashew nuts in your regular diet amid pregnancy.

Make beyond any doubt you expend plain cashew nuts as salted, or masala cashews can have elevated amounts of sodium which must be maintained a strategic distance from in high sums for pregnant ladies.

Make beyond any doubt you don’t consume cashews in case that you experience the ill effects of any cashew-related sensitivities. The symbols can incorporate indigestion, skin inflammation, skin rash, coughing, and sneezing.

Eat natural cashews amid pregnancy. They taste incredible as well as have all the organic supplements stuffed in their little size.

It is suggested to eat no more than one ounce of cashew nuts during pregnancy per day as anything more can cause uneasiness.

1.Excess weight gain

Cashews, being very much rich in sugars as well as in fats, can assist to excess weight gain amid pregnancy.


Cashews contain hints of a part called urushiol (a sleek natural compound with unfavorably susceptible characteristics), which can create rashes and tingling on the skin.

3.Gallstone and kidney stone issues

Cashews involve oxalates in an impressive sum, which gets consumed in the body liquids causing gallbladder as well as kidney stone problems.

4.Cardiovascular problems

Cashews likewise contain some measure of saturated fats. In case that these nuts are devoured in overabundance, it can expand the cholesterol levels, promoting cardiovascular issues.

5.Increase blood pressure

Gorging salted cashews can build the sodium allow that intensifies the circulatory strain, putting weight on the veins, heart, and the kidneys? In case that you are susceptible to cashews or figure you might be, it is best to avoid them. Next, we disclose to you how to distinguish a hypersensitive response to cashew nuts.

Eating an excessive number of cashews can bring about putting on additional weight; hence they ought to be expended with some restraint. You should control your day by day admission and ensure it doesn’t surpass 1 oz. Thinking about that it’s inescapable for a pregnant lady to put on weight, some additional pounds can do hurt both to you and your future baby.

Overconsumption of this super nutritional food can incite issues with kidneys as well as the gallbladder.

This can be a consequence of the nearness of oxalates in these nuts. Oxalates will in general amass in body liquids and cause the previously mentioned issues. Pregnant ladies ought to be particularly careful.

Cashew is LIKELY SAFE and secures in normal meal amounts. There is not sufficient detail to know in case cashew is secure to utilizing as a medication. Unroasted cashew can annoy the skin as well as cause redness and blisters.

Pregnancy and bosom are sustaining: Cashew is protected when eaten as sustenance; however, there are insufficient data to know whether it’s sheltered in the bigger sums that are utilized as a drug. In case that you are pregnant or bosom sustaining, stay with sustenance sums until the point when more is known.

Hypersensitivity to certain different nuts or gelatin: Cashew may cause unfavorably susceptible responses in individuals who are delicate to hazelnut, Brazil nut, pistachio, almond, shelled nut, or gelatin. In case that you have sensitivities, make sure to check with your therapeutic services supplier before eating cashew.

Diabetes: There is some proof that in taking a lot of cashews may expand glucose levels. In case that you have diabetes and eat cashew, make certain to screen you glucose cautiously. Maybe the dosages of your diabetes prescriptions ought to be balanced.

Medical procedure: Since cashews may influence glucose levels, there is some worry that it may meddle with glucose control amid and after a medical procedure. Quit eating a lot of cashews no less than about fourteen days before a booked medical procedure.

Presence of Excess Sodium

The dimension of sodium in cashew nuts isn’t high, and actually, there are just 12 milligrams of sodium in hundred grams of cashew nuts. Be that as it may, being a dry organic product, there are ordinarily when cashew nuts are served in salted shape, and the dimension of sodium in salted cashew nuts is around 181 mg of sodium for each ounce (which generally compares to 638 mg of sodium for every 100 grams of cashew nuts). This abnormal state of sodium which is extremely hazardous to our wellbeing as it might build our circulatory strain level as well as may offer ascent to other cardiovascular issues.

According to Centers For Disease Control as well as Prevention, sound individuals ought to get close to 2300 mg of sodium for each day, and the individuals who are in danger of coronary illness ought not to get more than 1500 mg of sodium. Even though the dimension of sodium in cashew nuts (even in salted one) do not appear to be very high at the same time, it is vital to take note of that in case that one is indulging cashew nuts, this number can rapidly include.

We additionally obtain sodium from other sustenance things we eat and as nowadays individuals eat a great deal of lousy nourishment (which are now high in sodium content) so this danger of high sodium admission increments considerably further. The ideal approach to manage this issue is to eat cashew nuts with some restraint and give more inclination to eating unsalted cashew nuts. In case that you are worried about taste, it’s alright to eat salted cashew nuts once in for a little while however in a limited amount. On the off chance that you are at a danger of cardiovascular sicknesses or hypertension then it is smarter to counsel your specialist about eating salted cashew nuts.

Raw Cashew Nuts Are Unsafe and Dangerous

Even though nowadays it isn’t so normal to discover in-shell or raw cashews at the store however regardless of whether you do then it is best to avoid them and offer inclination to commercially prepared and arranged cashew nuts. This is because raw cashews are identified with toxin ivy and toxic substance sumac plus oils in the cashew shells could cause an unpleasant and itching response on our skin.

Cashew nuts that are commercially prepared are ok to eat because they are de-shelled plus broiled at extreme temperature and this devastates any waiting poisonous oils as well as make them splendidly ok to eat.

Might Decimate Equalization of Other Nourishment Materials

Eating cashew nuts is useful for our wellbeing as a result of the quantity of supplements present in them yet even after the existence of countless nutrients in the cashew nuts, they aren’t total nourishment plus our body requires other vital supplements which we get from different sustenance materials like grains, vegetables, fruits and so on.

As of this reason, it is smarter to eat cashew nuts in a constrained amount and according to the suggestion of The U.S. Division of Horticulture’s My Plate rules; it is smarter to keep the high level of protein intakes like fish, tofu, beans and nuts to 5.5 ounces every day.

Eating cashew nuts (as well as other high protein nutrients) in constrained amount will guarantee that there is sufficient space for other vital nourishment material in our body. In this way, in the small eat cashew nuts (alongside some restraint) for your great wellbeing yet do not let cashew nuts or some other nourishment thing to command the eating routine.

Might Cause Sensitivities and Allergies

Eating such a large number of cashew nuts is perilous for our wellbeing even given the danger of unfavorably susceptible responses joined to them. According to a study printed in 2003 December version of the journal “Allergy,” hypersensitivities related with cashews are endangering day by day plus these unfavorably susceptible responses are significantly increased as they influence youthful youngsters who might never have been exposed to these hypersensitivities and allergies.

According to another article printed in the journal named ” Archives of Diseases In Babyhood,” it was discovered that hypersensitivity or tightening of the airways was observed to be increasingly normal in individuals experiencing cashew allergies and sensitivities than in individuals experiencing shelled nut or peanut hypersensitivities.

Might Interfere alongside Specific Medications

Cashew nuts are a phenomenal wellspring of magnesium ( 82.5 milligrams of magnesium per ounce of the cashew nuts) which gives a lot of advantages like managing body temperature, keeping teeth and bones solid detoxification, and a lot more advantages. Nevertheless, there is additionally some hazard related with magnesium as well as one such hazard is their capacity to interfere alongside various medications and drugs.

According to the College of Maryland Therapeutic Center notes, it was discovered that various medications interact alongside magnesium (which is available in cashews in the extraordinary state) as well as disturbs the impact of those medications. Anti-biotic Quinolone like magnesium and ciprofloxacin tie together and might anticipate sufficient assimilation of antibiotic agents.

Magnesium might even collaborate with circulatory strain meds plus calcium channel blockers, as well as enhance the danger of symptoms related to these meds as well as cause sickness and water maintenance. It could even respond with thyroid prescriptions, diabetic’s drug, penicillamine, and diuretics.

Thus, in case that you are on any sort of medication, for instance, diabetic’s medicine, thyroid medication, and antibiotic medications so forth then it is smarter to initially converse with your specialist about the equivalent plus eat nuts of cashew just according to the suggestion of a specialist.

Might Cause Hypertension or BP

Eating too many salted cashew nuts might build the circulatory strain dimension of our body and offer ascent to hypertension as well as other medical issues because of the abnormal state of sodium (approximately 181 mg of sodium for each ounce of nuts of cashew) present in salted nuts of cashew. Note that dimension of sodium in unsalted cashew nuts is low (approximately 12 mg of sodium for every 100 grams of cashew nuts ) which implies it is smarter to eat unsalted cashew nuts as well as state no to salted cashew nuts.

In case that despite everything you need to eat salted nuts of cashew, eat them just once in for a little while and that too with some restraint. Even though the dimension of sodium in unsalted cashew nuts isn’t extremely high (in contrast with salted cashew nuts) yet at the same time, it is smarter to eat even the unsalted cashew nuts in a limited amount (to evade different side effects of the cashew nuts overdosing).

Not Reasonable for Individuals Experiencing Cerebral pains And Headaches

Eating cashew nuts isn’t reasonable for individuals experiencing cerebral pains and headaches due to the amino acids like phenylethylamine and tyramine present in them. Even though these amino acids are useful for our wellbeing as well as assist in keeping up the typical circulatory strain levels and give a feeling of prosperity, yet these amino acids might cause head torment in people who are touchy and delicate to these amino acids.