Pistachios are exceptionally nutritious and delicious. Pistachio nuts are perfect for snacking. Most people like to eat unshelled pistachios. Unshelling pistachios is fun but creates a lot of mess. What are the usages of pistachio nutshells?

Pistachio shells were regularly discarded. Recently I saw an image of a wreath made of utilizing pistachio nutshells. From there I have a question in my mind “What are other usages of pistachio nutshell?”

Does not it appear a disgrace to discard these nutshells once the nutmeat has been eaten? Here is a list of some helpful and fun ways to use pistachio and other nutshells.

Pistachio Nutshells Jewelry & Ornaments

The uniform and bent shape of pistachio nutshells are perfect for making jewelry. Making jewelry and ornaments with nutshells is an easy procedure.

You do not need any special tools. Use a needle to create a hole in the top center of pistachio nutshells. Pass through an elastic string from these holes and make an armlet shape. You could keep their natural color or you can paint them. If you want to paint them use acrylic colors to enrich and enhance their beauty.

You can also use colorful beads with pistachio nutshells to create different patterns. In this way you can make a necklace, earrings, and whatever you want.

Pistachio Nutshells for Plant Drainage

Pistachio shells and other nutshells contain hard surface material. Nutshells are ideal for use as plant drainage. Before using nutshells as plant drainage ensure to wash for any salt.

After washing put in the base of your plant pot and add soil. Pistachio nutshells will provide the right seepage to keep your plants healthy.

Pistachio Nutshells for Instrument Cleaning

Grounded pistachio nutshells paste is perfect for cleaning instruments. You need to use gloves to protect your skin as this paste may tan your skin color. Pistachio nutshells paste is useful for cleaning dirt and mud from planting instruments.

How to make pistachio nutshells paste? Use a mallet to crush the nutshells and put them in coffee grinder. Store this nutshell paste in a jar for future use. You can use this paste as a regular cleanser for all kinds of dirty instruments.

Pistachio Nutshell Melodic Instrument

Making homemade melodic instruments or noisemakers is a perfect hobby for children. You can easily make a noisemaker with nutshells. You need a bunch of pistachio nutshells, 2 pieces of tin, and cardboard.

Fold the cardboard in a cylindrical shape. Use tape to maintain the shape of cardboard. Use a handful of pistachio nutshells and put them inside the cardboard. Place the tin pieces on both sides of cardboard and tape them.

Decorate the cylindrical cardboard as per your choice and shake it to produce noise. It is a best idea to make some noisemakers for a party.

Pistachio Nutshells Mosaic Art

Little, smooth, and hard pistachio nutshells are ideal for making handicrafts. Their surface, size, and color is also perfect for making amazing and unique masterpieces.

Creating a mosaic art with nutshells is a unique idea. You need to dip each pistachio nutshell in varnish or paint to create mosaic art. You need different colors of your choice.

Dip each piece of nutshell in different colors and place it on frame board.  to transform it into a delightful mosaic structure or design. You need glue to paste these on the frame board. If you want to enhance the beauty of your art piece use twigs, jute, and dry flowers.

Pistachio nutshells mosaic art is perfect to hang on your walls or to give as a present.

Pistachio Nutshells for Mulching

Whole or grounded pistachio nutshells make exceptionally compelling mulch. Wash nutshells to remove salt before using them as mulch for plants. Pistachio nutshells are useful to control soil dampness and stop weed development.

Pistachio nutshell mulch is ideal to use between garden chunks. By using this mulch you can prevent weed growth in your porches.

Pistachio Nutshells for Smoking Meat

Pistachio nutshells are wealthy in oil. This quality makes them usually smoky when burnt. If you love to eat grill meat, you must give it a try. Toss a bunch these on a grill flame to add a delicious flavor to your meat.

Pistachio Nutshell Bean Sacks

Pistachio nutshells are perfect for making both little and large bean sacks. You need old socks and a handful of pistachio nutshells. Put a handful of nutshells in socks and sew the top of socks. Create 3 to 4 bean sacks to play in the garden.

You can make large bean sacks if you have too many pistachio nutshells. You need to make a jute sack to fill with nutshells. Sew it in any shape and place them in the garden.

Pistachio Nutshell as Fertilizer

In my opinion, if you have a lawn never think these nutshells are useless. You can use pistachio nutshells to blend in fertilizer. Make sure to wash off any salt which could be dangerous for soil and kill plants. Nutshells are hard and could enjoy a very long time to reprieve down completely. Blend them into fertilizer and they provide benefits to plants and your garden.

Pistachio Nutshells for Donation

If you are not going to use the pistachio nutshells for yourself donate them instead of throwing them. There are many people how are ready to take these nuts and use them to create masterpieces.

Nutshells are not useless there are some online stores where you can sell. Craftsmen frequently bid online for pistachio nutshells to buy. Keep your eyes open and never throw nutshells store them to donate. You might be a part of an extremely noble motivation.

Pistachio Nutshells and False Floral Decor

Make flowers or succulent plants for a lasting stylistic theme with pistachio nutshells. You need glue and nutshells to decorate yours for.

Take 3 pistachio nutshells and paste glue on pointy ends to make a shape like a bloom bud. Keep sticking one shell at a time around the design. Work on wax paper to avoid sticking the shells to your most loved work surface. Make a cluster more for an enhanced look.

Spray varnish if you like the natural color of pistachio nutshells, otherwise use your favorite paint color. Place your art around a table focal point or paste them inside a shadowbox. You can also paste your art on a wall to show your craftsmanship.

Pistachio Nutshells and Tempting Topiaries

Make topiaries by using pistachio nutshells rather than grass. Place a dowel or straight twig into a square of botanical froth. Use botanical froth and cover twig to make the highest point of the topiary. Paste nutshells with glue and start from the base.

Make 4 to 5 topiaries with pistachio nutshells and make some with sphagnum greenery. You can also make them for any occasion. Use egg and pumpkin formed froth rather than painting or coloring nutshells. You have a control to use as per occasion, color scheme, or pattern.

Pistachio Nutshells and Relaxing Rain Sticks

You can make rain sticks with the help of pistachio nutshells and cardboard cylinders for your child. Select durable cardboard cylinders, a publication mailer is best choice.

You need to use a sharp tool to make holes on entire cylinder with a one-inch gap. Always keep an eye on your child if they are willing to make holes by themselves. Put some tape on the ends of the folded cardboard cylinder.

Put some screws into the holes and make sure they are not touching the bottom. Fill the cylinder with a bunch of pistachio nutshells. Tip the cylinder nearly upside down to make a rain-like sound.

Pistachio Nutshells Painting

You need some colored and natural pistachio nutshells to make painting. Plot your idea by illustration it on paper or canvas the actual size you would like for the mosaic. Shading in every zone, or compose what shading shell to use to make a rule for your creation.

Line up the pistachio nutshells to reproduce the thought on your frame. When you have decided the final look paste pistachio nutshells to complete your painting. Rather than complex painting, make more natural structures. An ombre blur over the length of the canvas with progressively lighter shades of the shell is perfect.

If you need more fun for kids, let your kids draw faces on nutshells. When they are dry paste them to a paper. They can after that use these painted nuts to create their own abstract art.

Pistachio Nutshells for Home Decor

If you want to make some wall hanging decor items with pistachio nutshells that’s an amazing idea. You can make any kind of shape wreath to decorate your walls like a star, heart, and cartoon shapes.

You can use painted or unpainted pistachio nutshells. Create the wreath and decorate as per your living room theme. You can also make some small decoration pieces for your washrooms. Use a teeth brush holder and stick colored pistachio nutshells with glue to make them unique.

Pistachio Nutshells Bowl

You can also decorate a bowl with pistachio nutshells. That’s a unique idea and this bowl looks beautiful on your center table.

You need pistachio nutshells and a glass or wooden bowl to decorate. I suggest you use natural colored pistachio nutshells and a glass bowl. Stick around nutshells on the glass bowl with glue.

This bowl provides a unique look and a useful item for your table. You can put some artificial fruits and place this bowl on your dining table. You can use this bowl to store little things or place only the bowl anyplace to provide stylistic looks.

Pistachio Nutshells Drink Coasters

You can decorate or make drink coasters with pistachio nutshells. Drink coasters are considered an essential item to protect the surface of any table. You can make your own tea or drink coasters with nutshells.

You need an old napkin, scissor, glue, and pistachio nutshells. Cut the napkin in your required shape and size. After cutting the napkin stick cashew nutshells on the napkin and let them dry. Your drink coasters are ready to place on your side or dining table.

Pistachio Nutshells Candleholder

Candlelight dinner is a special time you spend with your loved ones. You and your partner want to spend quality time in candles lights. Why not make your own pistachio nutshells candle holders? You need a pair of old candle stands to decorate them with pistachio nutshells.

You can also use nutshells with T-lights. Collect some pistachio nutshells and a T-light. Place the nutshells on the sides of flame and enjoy the flame shading around the nutshells.