What is pistachio pudding? to find the answer first you need to figure out what is pudding. If we talk about a dessert, nothing’s yummier than pudding or custard. We love custards and puddings. They are famous because of their rich and sweet taste. But, are you familiar with the difference between both?

Sweet and velvety custard or delicious pudding is a must dessert for your dining table. But most of us mixup between these two desserts. So I am going to describe the difference. I hope after reading these lines you can make a difference between both.

What is pudding?

Let’s start with pudding. Pudding is soft, spongy, and thick in texture. Normally you can make pudding with milk, fruit juices, cornstarch, flour, eggs, and bread.

A real pudding can be made with a thick blend of gelatinized starch. What is gelatination and what things we use to make gelatinized starch? We mostly use cornstarch or flour to make a gelatinized starch. You can easily make that, you need cornstarch or flour, water, and a pan.

Put water and cornstarch or flour in a pan and heat it on the stove. By heating water absorbs and the result is in the form of a gel. A gelatinized mixture is thick and transparent. This mixture is perfect to provide a fluffy and flexible shape to pudding.

What is custard?

Custard is pudding’s nearby cousin and is ordinarily made with eggs, sugar, and milk. The ingredients are simple and you only need to mix up all the ingredients and heat them on the stove.

While most custard and pudding formulas are common and made with eggs. The only difference is that starch or flour is used to thicken the pudding, for custard we use eggs or egg yolk. Custard’s surface, in general, will be firmer than pudding.

Like pudding you can make a topping of custard with berries or any other seasonal fruit. There is a huge difference in eating styles like pots de creme and creme brulee. It can be utilized with pies, bread puddings and other things.

Pudding and custard both have their own taste. These are instant deserts, and there is no need to store them. You always need to make them fresh, because shelf life of both is not more than two days.

Once you start eating it’s difficult to stop your hands. These both are good for an exquisite get-together or a weeknight dinner. Everybody loves to eat pudding and custard, and they always hit the sweet spot on your dining table!

How to Make Healthy Pistachio Pudding?

Everybody loves deserts. The nutty pistachio pudding is a gift for any sweet tooth. Made with some simple ingredients pistachio pudding taste is like a dish from heaven.

Even though it looks complex with many layers, but it truly isn’t. You can make this super easy treat in minutes. The basic layers are top covering, cream or cheddar filling, and pistachio pudding. It just takes around 30 minutes to prepare and all the ingredients are available in any grocery store.

Did you like pistachio pudding as a child?

We all like to eat that green crunchy treat in our childhood. The green-colored pistachio pudding is an attraction for everybody. Pistachio pudding is a gluten-free, vegan, and low-sugar dessert.

People who never taste the pistachio pudding in their childhood claims they’ve missed the yummyiest desert in childhood. My childhood dessert was pistachio pudding made by my grandma. As a child, I just knew it as the Yummy Green Dessert. Pistachio pudding sandwiched with yummy cake base layers and topped with whipped cream.

So before going to make my childhood dessert, I recall all the memories and planned to make it again. The heavenly pistachio pudding is my all-time favorite dessert. According to my point of view this recipe is paleo, raw, and SCD as well. You can make your own pistachio pudding at home in just 30 minutes.

Pistachio pudding is also a great dessert for many festivals like St. Patrick’s day and Easter. You could even toss one together for a potluck. Let’s start with pistachio pudding recipe;


  • Instant pistachio pudding mix – 2 Packs
  • Flour – 1 Pack
  • Cheddar cheese – 1 Pack
  • Milk – 3 Cups
  • Margarine – ½ Cup
  • Powdered sugar – 1 Cup
  • White sugar – 2 Tablespoons
  • Whipped cream – 1 Cup
  • Pistachio nuts (Grounded) – 1 Cup


Take a medium-sized bowl and combine flour, margarine, white sugar, and ground pistachio nuts for the outer layer of pie. When all ingredients mixed well, pour into a baking dish and put in a preheated (350 ºF) oven. Never forget to apply some butter or oil on the baking dish. Bake until it turns into brilliant dark color.

Bring it out from the oven and let it cool down to room temperature. Take another bowl and put cheddar cheese, half cup of whipped cream, and 1 cup powdered sugar. Mix thems well until the mixture looks velvety.

Spread this velvety mixture over the pie we made before. Make pudding with milk and pour it on the pie. Use ground pistachio nuts for topping. Place it in the refrigerator for around 60 minutes.

Puddings are basically milk-based deserted with different flavors.  You can add any fruits to enhance the flavor. Milk is essential for making puddings, and milk is a great source of calcium, protein, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins.

Storing a Pudding

Puddings don’t contain additives, so they are not good to store for a long time. The average life of fresh-made pudding is 2 days. Puddings need to be stored at a temperature of 2‑6 °C for their surface to remain thick and good to eat. If you store them at room temperature, the desert will melt quickly.

Pudding is a blend of different ingredients and defrosting ruins the thick and smooth surface. A defrosted pudding never looks great and nobody likes to eat. If you want to please your guests or yourself with desert always make fresh pudding. A pack of instant pudding mix that you opened isn’t suitable for long-time stockpiling. So always use the opened package as soon as possible. Puddings are cold desert and people like to eat them chill. There are many topping options like berries, chocolate chips, and others you like.