Brazil nuts are great source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral that supports many organs. Originating from Brazil, Brazil nut trees look like coconuts. They are also known as chestnuts of Para in Brazil.

Brazil Nuts are good for thyroid and provide resistance against germs, and boost the immune system. As a saying big things come in small package, this saying is valid for selenium in Brazil nuts. Selenium is a mineral and required in low quantity. Selenium exists in plants, pork, beef, turkey, chicken, fish, shellfish, and nuts. While it might be needed in low quantity, but it has significant importance.

Why human body needs selenium?

Selenium’s cell strengthen properties help to fight the unstable molecules in human body. Further, it’s good to enhance cardiovascular health and fight cancer in humans. It is very important for thyroid health. Selenium helps to digest iodine and create basic thyroid hormones.

The thyroid controls body’s digestion, and keeps it in the great working state. Selenium could be beneficial for muscles and build a fit muscular body. Taking selenium supplements is an ideal approach to guarantee you get enough quantity.

Brazil nuts contain 95μg of selenium per nut. The suggested value of selenium is 55μg RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). The prescribed value of selenium is 200μg/day, which you can get from 2 or 3 Brazil nuts.

The high dosage of selenium can adversely affect your health. The safest and highest intake value is 400μg/day. One ounce of Brazil nuts (around six nuts) contains 544μg of selenium, which is a little bit higher than RDA values. Selenium joins with proteins in body and forms selenoproteins. Selenoproteins are known to help thyroid function and enhance body resistance.

Selenium is a good source to battle aggravation in body. It works as an anti-cancer agent and protects from the harmful effects.

What are the benefits of Brazil nuts selenium?

As we know, there are many health benefits of selenium. Are you feeling difficulty to get selenium in your regular eating routine? Don’t worry, add Brazil nuts to get the full health benefits of selenium.

Brazil nuts are the best nourishment source on earth for selenium. 1 to 2 Brazil nuts daily are enough to fulfill your selenium intake. We need selenium to enhance moods and fight irritations. There are detailed benefits you can get from Brazil nuts selenium.

1. Brazil Nuts for Thyroid Health

The thyroid organ has more selenium content than other organs. Selenium is essential to digest the protein. Further, it helps your body to produce thyroid hormones.

According to research, thyroid issues can be related to selenium deficiency. Studies also proved that people with thyroid issues could get and improve their selenium values with Brazil nuts. The selenium in Brazil nuts also provides a shield to antibodies. Antibodies are the main reason for thyroid illness.

2. Brazil Nuts Fight Inflammation

Like other nuts, Brazil nuts contain ellagic acid, which has incredible relaxing properties. Ellagic acid can even fight mind aggravation.

Selenium in Brazil nuts is another mineral that is known to battle inflammation. According to studies taking only one Brazil nut in a day works as an anti-cancer agent. After starting the recommended intake of Brazil nuts, you may feel less inflammation.

3. Brazil Nuts to Prevent Cancer

According to research about the bioactivity of selenium in Brazil nuts, it can be used as anti-cancer treatment. The ellagic acid in them has also anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic properties.

The disease can be caused by dangerous levels of mercury in human body. A few studies have shown the results, that selenium can help decrease these mercury levels. By reducing mercury levels, our body can fight cancer growth. According to NFC research, selenium in Brazil nuts can enable our body to fight infection.

4. Brazil Nuts Help Weight Loss

Brazil nuts are wealthy in fiber. Fiber can make you feel full and stops you from snacking. These nuts are also rich in arginine and amino acid that can help weight loss.

Arginine can enhance vitality and reduce body fat. Selenium in Brazil nuts keeps your digestion working properly. If your digestion is working properly you can consume most calories.

5. Brazil Nuts Boost Immunity

Selenium works as a messenger between resistant cells. This resistance at the end arranges the correct reactions.Without selenium, this function may not occur.

Another mineral in Brazil nuts is zinc that, provide proteins that help to reduce pathogens. The iron in Brazil nuts provides benefits to white cells. White cells are considered as T-cells that manage the high sensitivities.

6. Brazil Nuts Improve Brain Health

According to a study on old people, they feel better after taking one Brazil nut daily for half an year. Further, they feel improvement in verbal capacities and spatial abilities.

The selenium in this nut acts as an anti-cancer agent that can shield the brain from damage. Ellagic acid has also anti-cancer properties that can secure humans brain. The selenium in Brazil nuts can improve brain capabilities and improve brain health. This mineral can increase serotonin levels which are beneficial for humans brain.

7. Brazil Nuts Good for Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone. Testosterone is fundamental for sex drive and strong erection. Further, it is significant for urges, vitality, strong bones, and body organization.

Testosterone levels decrease with age, normally it starts when a man is in the age of mid-30s. Decreased testosterone levels cause many issues like erectile deficiency, fatigue, Alzheimer’s, and others.

Studies have confirmed the relationship between selenium and testosterone. It was discovered, impotent males have low selenium levels.

8. Brazil Nuts for Sexual Health

Low to no sex desire can end up to impossible recovery if not treated. You and your life partner both want to have a great time on bed. Selenium is fundamental to sperm creation. You need good levels of selenium to perform better and please your partner.

When a man discharge, selenium also discharge with his semen. The significance of selenium is to provide cell strength and Vitamin-E. Having ideal levels of selenium is essential for your virility.

Brazil nuts perform a job in hormonal balance. Selenium supplementation was found to enhance sperm count and sperm motility. These nuts can help treat erectile dysfunction.

9. Brazil Nuts for Healthy Skin

The selenium in Brazil nuts enhances skin flexibility and soothes redness and inflammation. The mineral helps to develop glutathione and kills unstable molecules.

10. Brazil Nuts for Hair Growth

Selenium deficiency can prompt male baldness. It is because the mineral enables your body to process the proteins required for hair growth and development. Selenium is food for the hair follicles and improves hair development.

11. Brazil Nuts and Mercury Toxicity

Selenium is a critical chelator. It assists to tie with and discharge metals especially mercury from the body. It wipes out the mercury before it becomes a hurdle in fatty tissues. Keeping selenium levels high is good and vital. If you eat a ton of fish or have silver dental fillings keep a track on your mercury toxicity.

Want to know more about selenium in Brazil nuts?

If we talk about food items, Brazil nuts exceptionally contain high selenium. Selenium is important and we can’t get from a normal eating routine. A good amount of selenium is found in vegetables but the levels are too low.

Selenium works as selenoproteins to provide cell strength. It’s good for redox responses, thyroid hormone digestion, and resistant capacity. Selenium deficiency can lead you to various conditions like;

  • Cancer growth
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Male baldness
  • Week immune system
  • Thyroid hormone imbalance
  • and viral diseases

Always beware form the selenium toxicity, and consult with your physician before increasing the dose.

Brazil nuts are accessible and affordable. But there is a danger of selenium toxicity by eating too much Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are a best source of selenium. You can also get selenium from other natural sources. From wherever you get your selenium, ensure you’re getting enough.

Different Sources of Selenium

Brazil Nuts


Tuna Fish


Cooked Beef


Cod Fish










*These values are per ounce

Up to 3% of Americans might be at low selenium intake as per a recent report by the USDA. While a wide assortment of foods like fish, poultry, and hamburger can enable you to fulfill your daily values of selenium.

There is no single food source more selenium mineral-enriched than Brazil nuts. Local to the Amazonian area of South America and also known as the Para or cream nut. Eat Brazil nuts to maintain the selenium levels.

Your body utilizes the selenium you get from food. Brazil nuts deliver catalysts known as selenoproteins. Selenoproteins provide strength to the resistant framework. It helps to control the thyroid organ, and act as anti-cancer agents.

Selenium also helps to keep away unstable molecules from harming cell tissue and DNA. If you are not getting selenium from your diet, you are at chance of cancer growth. Further, dangers are coronary illness, rheumatoid joint inflammation, and other diseases.

What amount of selenium we require daily?

If you are getting selenium by your diet, it is good. But if you are not taking enough selenium, start taking. You can get all the selenium you need from only one Brazil nut. It is best not to eat more than 2 to 3 nuts daily. If you increase the quantity you are at risk of selenium toxicity. This chart provides information about how much selenium you need.


Per Day Value

7 to 12 Months


1 to 3 Years


4 to 8 Years


9 to 13 Years


14 to 70+ Years Male


14 to 70+ Years Female


Pregnant Women


Breastfeeding Moms


What are the common signs of selenium toxicity?

As I described before, higher selenium intake causes selenium toxicity. If you consume a large amount of Brazil nuts you can get some health issues. Brazil nuts contain high measures of selenium 68µg to 91µg per nut and overdose cause some serious health issues like;

  • Garlic Breath
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin Rashes
  • Crabbiness
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Weak hair/nails
  • Loss of hair/nails
  • Stained teeth
  • Sensory system issues

Incredibly high intake of selenium can cause further issues, like;

  • Trouble breathing
  • Tremors
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart Attacks
  • and death

If you have been experiencing, these reactions quit eating the nuts and contact your physician immediately.