Cashew nuts were first found in Brazil, from there Portuguese took them to India in 1560. From India cashew nuts spread to Southeast Asia, America, and Africa.

Cashew nuts are drupes which found on the base of cashew apple. In some parts of the world, cashew apples are used as antibiotics. These nuts are prominent snack. They are broadly utilized in different baking formulas.

There I am going to describe the health advantages of cashew nuts. Discover how regularly you can eat these nuts to improve your health conditions. Many of us think cashews are nuts. They are wrong, these are basically seeds.

Cashews are popular and delicious. Cashew nuts have a sweet and pleasant flavor. You can add cashew nuts with different nuts. They contain beneficial minerals and nutrients. You can add them to any eating plan. Cashew nuts provide a lot of health benefits, especially for men.

You have most likely heard that cashew nuts can increase your weight. Any nuts conceivably can, if you eat too much daily. You should know the recommended serving size, to take full benefits.

Cashew Nuts Enhance Fertility

Most marriages are at risk because of no satisfactory connection between couples. If a spouse and her better half don’t spend exceptional nights together they need to eat cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts are extraordinary for enhancing men’s fertility. Try these nuts if you are facing erectile dysfunction. Cashew nuts contain amino acid arginine, which is useful to enhance nitric oxide levels. Enhanced nitric oxide levels directly affect your bedtime executions.

Cashew nuts contain many nutrients, minerals, and zinc. All these are important to enhance male fertility. There is a zinc deficiency, if you don’t eat food wealthy in this mineral. Eat cashew nuts and get more zinc. If you want to live a happy family life, start eating cashews now.

Cashew Nuts Support Cardiovascular Health

Eating cashew nuts is extremely useful for heart. They keep our cardiovascular system healthy. All the fats found in cashews are healthy fats. These fats are essential for a human being. Further, these nuts contain heart-healthy vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats make cashew nuts good for heart health.

The moderate use of cashew nuts helps in controlling cholesterol levels. Cashews bring down the bad cholesterol (LDL) level and increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels. Increased bad cholesterol (LDL) levels can create some serious heart issues.

Cashew Nuts Control Hypertension

Moderate use of cashew nuts is exceptionally helpful to decrease hypertension levels. It is because of the magnesium content of cashews. Hypertension can be a danger to our cardiovascular system. If you do not pay attention and treat hypertension it creates heart issues like heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

Hypertension is a silent killer. Further, hypertension is bound to create diabetes. Due to such high danger of hypertension, it is necessary to check blood pressure regularly. Add cashew nuts in your eating plan. Magnesium in cashews contains calming properties and good to control hypertension.

Cashew Nuts Improve Nervous System

Moderate use of cashew nuts is extremely viable for making a healthy sensory system. Further, the magnesium content of cashews keep our muscles solid. Magnesium is fundamental for the improvement of bones, muscles, tissues, and other organs of body.

Magnesium deficiency can lower calcium digestion and hormones imbalance. Due to this, we need to take prescribed amounts of magnesium from diet. Recommended Dietary Allowance for magnesium is 350mg for men and 300mg for women. According to nutritionists, prescribed use of magnesium relies upon age, weight, and sex.  The normal formula for calculation is 6mg of magnesium per kg of body weight.

Cashew Nuts Control Diabetes

Eating cashew nuts is extremely useful for diabetic patients, because of low sugar measures. The glycemic profile of cashew nuts is 25. Cashew nuts discharge sugar into our circulation system at a moderate pace. The high magnesium in cashew nuts additionally performs a vital job in profiting diabetic patients.

Magnesium manages glucose levels of body. Eating cashew nuts help in bringing down the danger of Type 2-diabetes. According to studies, diabetes increases bad cholesterol levels and decreases good cholesterol levels.

Increased bad cholesterol levels prompt the danger of cardiovascular issues. This condition is known as diabetic dyslipidemia. Cashew nuts are extremely powerful in controlling diabetic dyslipidemia. These nuts ensure to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Cashew Nuts Anti-Cancer Agents

Use of cashew nuts in moderate quantity is extremely beneficial for cancer prevention. Cashew nuts contain anti-cancer agents, flavonoids, and many other nutrients.

Anti-cancer agents fight with the viruses in our bodies. Cashews are good to kill the un-stabilized particles and lessen the chance of disease. Cashew nuts are exceptionally powerful to fight with tumor cells and prevent spreading them. Other than anti-cancer agents, copper in cashew nuts also provides a shield against ailments.

Cashew Nuts for Stronger Bones

Eating cashew nuts is extremely beneficial for solid bones and teeth. Cashews are a wealthy source of phosphorus. Phosphorus is a vital nutrient that performs an essential job to keep our bones strong. If you want to make your bones and teeth strong, start eating cashew nuts now.

Cashew Nuts Improve Immune System

Anti-cancer agents and zinc performs a crucial job to improve our immune system. A strong immune system keeps us strong and fights with pathogens. Pathogens exist everywhere and ready to attack humans. With a strong immune system you are safe from the attack.

A strong immune system can save us from falling sick and guarantees fast recovery. Moreover, the zinc content of cashews is also critical to boost immune system.

Cashew Nuts for Weight Lose

One serving of 100g cashew nuts provides 553 calories, 44g of fat, and 30g of starches. Moderate use of cashew nuts is viable in getting more fit, because of good fats. Cashew nuts help to reduce body fats and cholesterol in humans.

Cashew nuts are considered best for weight loss. It is suggested to eat them in suggested values because these nuts are highly caloric.

Cashew Nuts Protect Eyes

Cashew nuts are good for human eyes. Cashews keep our visual health from harm caused by the radiation of sunbeams. Further, nutrients and minerals found in cashews are good for eye waterfalls. Cashew nuts contain anti-cancer agents like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are also beneficial for eyes.

Eating cashew nuts is beneficial for eye health and it enhances vision. Further, they shield our eyes from the unsafe radiation of the sun and decrease the peril of macular degeneration.

Cashew Nuts for Hair Growth

Your black hair color is because of copper. If you are facing copper deficiency, you are at risk of grey hair. Copper is a mineral that helps your hair get that color.

So if you take cashew nuts which are full of copper content, you can get that black hair that you always wished. Cashews not only provide the color to your hair, but they also help to make them smooth and strong.

Cashew Nuts Control Depression

Nowadays we are living a quick-paced life. Stress has entered our life to such an extent that now it feels like a part of our life. It is not healthy for us. Stress prompts many health issues like asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and others.

We need to get rid of stress. Cashew nuts are extremely powerful to help relieve stress. Cashews are great to relieve stress. This stimulant benefit of cashew nuts are due to L-tryptophan amino acid. L-tryptophan amino acid contain niacin and serotonin. Which provides relief in tension.

Cashew Nuts for Alzheimer’s

Nutrients and minerals found in cashews are good for mental health and decrease the danger of Alzheimer’s. Cashew nuts contain vitamin-K which is fundamental that provides many advantages. Vitamin-k helps in the development of blood clusters. Improved blood flow to brain enhance the working capacity of brain.

Cashew Nuts are Source of Energy

Cashew nuts are a brilliant source of vitality with high calories. 100g of cashews provide 553 calories of vitality. Cashew nuts are exceptionally helpful for producing vitality in our bodies.

Thiamine in cashew nuts perform an essential job in making vitality in our body. Thiamine is an essential supplement that converts sugar into vitality. The absence of this compound can prompt health issues.

Cashew Nuts for Pregnant Moms

In pregnancy, a mom needs more proteins and healthy fats. Cashew nuts are best source of both. Cashew nuts also contain carbohydrates and fiber. These are good to reduce bad cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.

Pregnancy is a hard period in your life. Especially when you are predisposed to heart problems. As you won’t be able to take any medications to reduce the risks, you should take an opportunity to eat cashews.


These were some genuine health benefits you can get from cashew nuts. Cashew nuts contain supplements, minerals, anti-cancer agents, and provides many health benefits. Always try to add cashew nuts in your eating routine in moderate quantities. Raw cashews are best choice. Salted and roasted cashews contain high sodium measures, which are not good for your health. You can eat cashews in different ways like you can eat them or add them to your baking and cooking.